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The Brand

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What is Ambitious Stryk?

Ambitious Stryk started so that soccer players could have a clothing brand to call their own. Although soccer apparel is available, there is no brand that caters exclusively to the soccer community. Ambitious Stryk was created to fill that void and hopefully make the soccer community a little more connected in the process. 

We have two main goals for Ambitious Stryk. The first is to be the outfitter of choice for the soccer community. From game time to play time, we want to have the sports wear and casual wear our supporters are looking for. Our second goal is promote the ambitious state of mind.

What does it mean to "Be 'Bitious"?

Our slogan, Be 'Bitious, is for anyone who is going after their dreams and making them a reality. As closely tied to the soccer community as we are, we know our brand will transcend the soccer plain and we understand our message will resonate with other ambitious minded people.

We want to show our support by making styles that will set them apart from the crowd. We know we are catering to the soccer community but anyone with an ambitious state of mind deserves to wear Ambitious Stryk.